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Neck Pain: "What Can A Chiropractor Do For That?"

Posted on 06-30-2016

“I was golfing a month ago (or at least trying to…) and I hit the ground too hard and felt a jolt in my neck. Since then, I can’t turn my head to the right, my right arm is numb, ...

How Is Dizziness Related to My Neck Pain or Headaches?

Posted on 06-29-2016

Dizziness, neck pain, and headaches are very common symptoms that may or may not occur at the same time. Though this interrelationship exists, this month’s article will focus primarily on dizz...

Neck Pain and Sleep

Posted on 06-28-2016

We’re hoping this article will not PUT you to sleep but rather WAKE YOU UP to the important information presented here about how to sleep in the presence of neck pain. If you’ve ever ...

Neck Pain Self-Help Techniques

Posted on 06-27-2016

It is very important that those of us with neck pain learn what we can do to help ourselves as the benefits from treatment are always much more satisfying for both the healthcare provider and patien...

Neck Pain – Where Does it Come From?

Posted on 06-23-2016

Neck pain is a very common problem that can with a number of possible causes. It can come from laying crooked while watching TV, it can come from sleeping in a draft, it can come as a response to a ...

Can Chiropractic Really Help Neck Pain?

Posted on 06-22-2016

Neck pain is a very common problem affecting up to 70% of the adult population at some point in life. Though there are specific causes of neck pain such sports injuries, car accidents, or simply sle...

"My Neck Is Killing Me!"

Posted on 06-21-2016

When patients present with neck pain, they always ask, “Where is the pain coming from?” Of course, this can only be answered after a careful history and thorough evaluation is completed ...

Neck Pain and the Disk

Posted on 06-20-2016

When your doctor of chiropractic says to you, “…you have a cervical disk problem,” do you know what that means? I didn’t think so. As doctors, we talk about these things so of...

Neck Pain and Arthritis

Posted on 06-16-2016

When we say the word “arthritis,” many images come to mind. Some people think of crippled hands or perhaps Mr. Smith who talks about his bad hip being, “…bone on bone!&rdquo...

Neck Pain: What Can I Do About It?

Posted on 06-15-2016

Neck pain is one of those conditions that affect most people at some point during their lifetime. All you have to do is ask just about anyone, “…have you ever had neck pain?” Then...

The Neck and Headache "Connection"

Posted on 06-14-2016

When we hear the term headache, we don’t usually think about the neck. Rather, we focus on the head, or more specifically, the part of the head that hurts. But, during a consultation, a doctor...

Video - Should I "Pop" My Own Neck?

Posted on 06-13-2016


The Neck & Shoulder Pain Relationship

Posted on 06-13-2016

Given the close anatomical proximity between the neck and shoulder, it’s no wonder the two are intimately related. In our hectic lifestyles of driving, hunching over computers, talking on the ...

Neck Pain & Headaches & The "Power of Placebo"

Posted on 06-09-2016

We have all heard about the “placebo effect” and the “power of positive thinking.” A placebo, according to Wikipedia, is “…a simulated or otherwise medically ine...

Neck Pain: Manipulation vs. Other Treatments?

Posted on 06-08-2016

Mechanical neck pain affects an estimated 70% of people at some point in life. Because many different treatment approaches are available for neck pain, it can be very difficult for those suffering f...

Neck Pain: Manipulation vs. Mobilization – What’s Better?

Posted on 06-07-2016

Does mobilization (MOB) get less, the same, or better results when compared to spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) when it comes to treating neck pain? To answer this question, let’s first discu...

Neck and Headache Pain and Posture

Posted on 06-06-2016

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints for which patients present to chiropractic offices. Headaches are also another very common problem and often go hand-in-hand with the presence of neck ...

Neck Pain and the Deep Neck Flexors

Posted on 06-02-2016

It’s safe to say that if you haven’t had neck and/or shoulder pain, you probably will at some point in the future. Like lower back pain, once you’ve had neck pain, the chances of h...

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